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Essay Topics That Can Be Combined With The Essay Topic

Essay Topics That Can Be Combined With The Essay TopicThere are some essay topics that can actually be combined with the essay topic and personal essay, though it would not make sense. You can combine some essay topics into one because they have very little difference in them. However, you may do so only if you want to because there are some essays that can also make use of the content that you have put up.Some essays that can be combined with personal essay would include your family background or upbringing. It is very possible that the topics are exactly the same. All you need to do is combine the personal background of yourself and the material that you want to write about.If you think that your family background or upbringing is the reason why you are writing the personal essay, then it is important for you to think about it and say out loud everything that is on your mind. The personal essay is not enough to say about the topic of the essay. The topic has to be changed into the background of you. However, the essay is all about you and your life.Some essay topics that can be combined with the personal essay include how you met your spouse or husband, your life in high school or college, and the other essays you have written. However, you have to write these essays while still concentrating on the topics that you have for the essay. Do not focus on the ones that you have not yet written. Doing so will not help you in achieving your goal.Once you have finished with the personal essay, try to write the topic that you have written as a group. Then start to look for different topics that you can combine the content with. When you find a topic that you can combine with your essay topic, then you can add more content to it. However, do not just stop at that as it will result in a very unbalanced essay topic.Writing a topic that will comprise your life experiences can be easily done if you take time out from the work. You should also write the details of all the t hings that you want to write about on a paper. Remember, it is all about you and the way you will express it in your essay.Try combining a topic with your essay topic in order to make your essay stand out. The combination will definitely make your essay different from others. So, try to look for the right combination that you can consider.

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The Issue Of The Death Penalty - 1795 Words

When people hear the word death, it evokes many emotions; fear, sadness, uncertainty, the terror of the unknown. But, that hasn’t stopped anyone from enforcing the death penalty. Electrocution, Lethal Injection, Hangings, the Gas Chamber and the Firing squad are only a few types of execution methods practiced by the government over a prolonged time period. Some may think these sound like types of torture methods. Not humane ways to end a person s existence for unspeakable criminal acts. ( add more ) . In having the death penalty, does it really deter crime? Are criminals in the right state of mind when committing such heinous acts? Do they consider the consequences in a logical way, having their twisted, warped perspectives of reality? All these questions a more will be answered through this informative and perspectivally essay addressing the issue of the Death Penalty, explaining why it should be abolished and wiped off the face of this earth, never to be conceived of again. I believe that it should be exterminated for many reasons, mainly because it violates human rights, it does not deter crime, and it’s running the risk of executing innocent people. This essay entails many topics and subtopics throughout it’s exquisite informative structure. To kick things off, the first topic or point I’ll be addressing is History. Before anyone can even fathom the idea of the death penalty, they must first understand the full severity of the idea or concept. To explain further,Show MoreRelatedThe Issue With The Death Penalty1555 Words   |  7 PagesThe Issues with the Death Penalty The death penalty is a very controversial subject for everyone, especially in the US. Some people think that it should be abolished and others think that it should stay a part of the government’s form of punishment. People think that the death penalty is a good way to deter crime because it should scare the person who is committing the crime. Some also feel that keeping the death penalty will cut down on government costs. The opposing side believes that the crimesRead MoreDeath Penalty: A Controversial Issue727 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿The death penalty has been an issue of controversy, causing many states in America to repeal it and call it inhumane. However, the truth is that many citizens are strongly divided on the issue and have strong opinions on whether the death penalty should indeed be kept and reinforced or whether it should just be abolished altogether. When analyzing this issue from a sociological perspective, conflict theory is best used as an argument against the death penalty. This sociological conflict theory isRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is A Complex Issue924 Words   |  4 PagesCapital punishment is a complex issue with many different opinions and viewpoints. Deciding whether a person should be punished by death is not a trivial ordeal nor should it be treated as such. How do you know when a crime is punishable by death or not? â€Å"A popular bumper sticker says, ‘We kill people to show people that killing people is wrong’† (Carmical). This slogan misses the idea that the death penalty does not chastise people for killing, but for murder. Murder is the purposeful action ofRead MoreEthical Issues On Death Penalty1864 Words   |  8 PagesPaper: Ethical Issues On Death Penalty It is surprising to me how many people are actually pro capital punishment. For those who aren t too sure what capital punishment really is, it is the execution of a criminal who is legally convicted of a capital crime (i.e. murder). Even though the death penalty is the best way to punish criminals of their heinous crimes, I believe it is unethical because it is inhumane and hypocritical, it s way too costly, also, most criminals put on death row have psychologicalRead MoreDeath Penalty : A Controversial Issue2199 Words   |  9 Pages2014 Death Penalty When it comes to the topic of the death penalty, most of us will readily agree that it’s a controversial issue. On the one hand, many argue that the death penalty is cost effective. On the other hand, others say that capital punishment deters crime. In my own view, I don’t believe that the death penalty is cost effective or deters crime; capital punishment should not be given as a punishment for criminals who have committed first degree murder In my judgment the death penaltyRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is A Controversial Issue2057 Words   |  9 Pages It’s no secret that the death penalty is a very controversial issue in the United States. The death penalty has been around for centuries, but so has the movement to abolish it. Does the death penalty really need to be abolished? or are people just too sensitive to the issue? Origin The death penalty dates as far back as the eighteenth century B.C. The Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon established the death penalty for 25 different crimes. The death penalty was also a part of HittiteRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is A Controversial Issue1171 Words   |  5 PagesThe death penalty is a very controversial topic worldwide. People are either for the death penalty, or against it, and there is usually no changing their mind by introducing arguments that are contrary to their opinion. The death penalty debate is not a new one, â€Å"capital punishment [has been] practiced since colonial times despite persistent debates† (Jost). However, it was around the 1960s when countries began to abolish, or strictly restrain the death penalty (Jost). The death penalty has existedRead MoreEthical Issues Either for or Against the Death Penalty1403 Words   |  6 Pagesthere has been much controversy on the having juveniles charged with the death penalty for their actions.R ecent research into the costs of the death penalty in Florida revealed the state is spending as much as $1 million per inmate just for incarceration and appellate costs.Which in much cases is not at the economic reach of most states.Trial costs would add substantially to the states total. Florida has over 400 inmates on death row. By taking these inmates through this process it is much less expensiveRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is One Of The Most Controversial Issue1737 Words   |  7 PagesThe death penalty is one of the most controversial issues. It is an important issue because each side is very significant and they each have strong views. The five main points that will be discussed in this paper are; deterrence, loss of innocent lives, bias, retribution, and quality of the attorney. Both sides will be discussed; reasons to support the death penalty, and reasons not to support the death penalty. For the first point; deterrence, supporters of the penalty say that the death penalty Read MoreControversial Issues Regarding Juvenile Death Penalty2052 Words   |  9 PagesOne of the most controversial issues in the rights of juveniles today is addressed in the question, Should the death penalty be applied to juveniles? For nearly a century the juvenile courts have existed to shield the majority of juvenile offenders from the full weight of criminal law and to protect their entitled special rights and immunities. In the case of kent vs. United states in 1996, Justice Fortas stated some of these special rights which include; Protection from publicity, confinement only

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Theories of Criminal Behavior Essay - 2480 Words

In this essay, two theories specifically focusing on sexual offending against children are compared and critical evaluated. Finkelhor’s (1984) Precondition model integrates four underlying factors that might explain the occurrence of child sexual abuse and categorizes them into four preconditions: motivation to offend, overcoming internal inhibitors, overcoming external inhibitors and overcoming child’s resistance that occur in a temporal sequence where each is necessary for the other to develop. The Precondition model provides a framework for assessment of child molesters but is criticized for a lack of aetiological explanations and for paying to little attention to cognitive factors. Ward’s (2003) Pathways model suggest that clinical†¦show more content†¦The first two preconditions are aetilogical theories that deal with psychological function of offenders whilst the latter two preconditions deal with situational aspects of the offence and are as such more akin to an offence process model (Ward 2002). In the first precondition, Finkelhor (1984) suggests that motivation to abuse consists of three components: emotional congruence, sexual arousal and blockage. These factors are not in themselves preconditions but they can work together or independently as a motive to sexually abuse a child. Emotional congruence implies that the offenders emotional and needs correspond to the characteristics of a child. That is, sex with children is emotionally satisfying for the offender. Here, Finkelhor (1984) suggests that men are socialized to behave in a dominant and powerful manner in sexual relationships, and implies that characteristics of children (small, young, week) act as a cue for the availability of them as sexual partners (Ward, Polascheck Beech, 2006). In support of that notion, Howells (1994) pointed out that it is not uncommon in clinical practice for child molesters to report an affinity for children. A study by Howells (1979) indicates that child sex offenders are more preoccupied with dominance in their constructions of relationships than controls, and view children as non-domineering and hence attractive (seeShow MoreRelatedThe Theory Of Criminal Behavior955 Words   |  4 PagesThe theory I believe that explains criminal behavior and delinquency the best would be the Differential Reinforcement Theory, reviewed by Robert Burgess and Ronald Akers after it was criticized by C.R. Jeffery. Burgess and Akers argued against Sutherland’s work by using what he had used already and adding operant conditioning and modeling/condition in order to explain criminal behavior more clearly. They offered seven propositions to summarize the Differential Reinforcement Theory, which was a justificationRead MoreThe Theories Of Criminal Behavior893 Words   |  4 PagesCriminal behavior can be defined as any type of disruptive behavior or antisocial behavior that violates a law and is punishable by society. The three main causes of criminal behavior are psychological impacts, sociological influences, and biological factors. Although there are many more factors that can trigger criminal behaviors, they can all be summed up into the never-ending question, nature versus nature? The psychological approach to criminal behavior is categorized into the nurture sideRead MoreTheory of Criminal Behavior2402 Words   |  10 PagesRunning head: Theories of Criminal Behavior Theories of Criminal Behavior Theories of Criminal Behavior The beginning of civilization dawned a new era in which man came together to live amongst one another in relative peace and prosperity. The advent of civilization however also brought about people who choose to live a life outside of societal norms and law, norms and thus was the creation of the criminal. All civilizations tried to suppress and discourage crime by using aRead MoreThe Theory Of Criminal Behavior1333 Words   |  6 PagesCriminal behavior has been a difficult term to define over the years due to the many variables that must be taken into account in order to present an accurate definition. However, the definition provided by Bartol is as follows, â€Å"Behavior in violation of the criminal code that is intentional and without justification or excuse† (Bartol, 2014). A vital variable that is represented in criminal behavior is crime. The fundamental purpose of theory is to explain things that can be observed. When discussingRead MoreThe Theory Of Criminal Beha vior1412 Words   |  6 Pagesof social process theories that are rooted in their notion that criminal behavior is learned by a social context. There has been a learning perspective that assumed that there are law- breaking values, norms, and etc. The section goes on to explain the theories envision that a criminal’s behavior is a product of the same learning process of noncriminal behavior. Crime is known for being constructed as a normal behavior rather than pathological. The task of this learning theory is to detail theRead MoreThe Theory Of Criminal Behavior Essay2360 Words   |  10 Pageseven though there have been harsh laws enforced for those who commit crimes. These people have come up with theories as to why people commit crimes to understand these theories, we must understand what a crime is and understand the definition of theories. Crime is a human conduct that violates the laws of a state or the federal government. There are different ways people view criminal behaviors either through the view of the social problem perspective which blames the society and the social responsibilityRead MoreThe Theory Of Criminal Behavior1608 Words   |  7 Pagescauses of his criminal behaviour through the three different criminological schools of thought: classical, positivist, and sociological. There are a number of concepts of crime including human nature, the society, social contract, the law, and punishment. The central concepts of the classical school of thought is that people are egotistical, rational, motivated by pain and pleasure, people choose their behaviour, and behaviour can be modified by fear of punishment. The classical theory focuses onRead MoreThe Theory Of Criminal Behavior1191 Words   |  5 Pagesreason being is criminal behaviour sometimes can t be defined. Law in our society is defined by social and legal intuitions, not in biology. What is criminal in one country may not be in another so how can one gene deformation cause one to become a criminal ? So, as these studies have found, there appears to be some genetic traits that can influence criminal behaviour such as a person’s gender or mental illness. But this doesn t mean there is an evil gene which all criminals inherit, socialRead MoreBiological Theories Of Criminal Behavior844 Words à ‚  |  4 PagesBiological Theories are vastly growing with fascinating research. The main stump is concretely linking it to criminal behavior, because some theories are more relatable than others. Theories involving temperament and hormones give real life biological explanations, while others like extrovert and introvert behaviors, and neuroticism explain a weaker link to crime. However, all theories are valuable in exploring the root of crime. Temperament can be described as the natural mood disposition determinedRead MoreThe Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behavior883 Words   |  4 PagesPsychological Theories The psychological theories of criminal behavior focus on the lack of socialization, incomplete cognitive development, and bad childhood experiences. Those who study psychological theories believe that failures in cognitive development can be a major factor in malfunctioning behavior. These criminals have difficulty controlling anger and containing violence, which causes them to lash out. The results of these episodes are murder, rape, robbery, assault, and battery. Many more

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Positive Development in Emerging Adulthood free essay sample

In this article, the author discusses important issues regarding the development of an adult. They mention several groups and things that influence a young adult’s behavior and the way they behave and things that can have both negative and positive effects on an adult. Within the text, I found good information on early adulthood as well as studies to give evidence to their statements. It is easily broken up into categories with each influencing category which is then backed up with its reasoning, studies, and facts. One of the influencing groups this article mentions is community-level factors. This would be groups in your community such as church, youth programs, reading groups, bible study, and so on. They state that those adults that are more involved with their community are more likely to have a better academic outcome in the future. This can affect their career and even stress levels. This relates closely to the generativity-vs. We will write a custom essay sample on Positive Development in Emerging Adulthood or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page -stagnation stage where sense of contribution to continuity of life is increased and making you feel better about yourself by contributing to the community. This article states that adults that have positive relationships in their life, especially with parents and family, tend to have a more positive development then those who don’t. This relates to chapter 8 in our text books where you experience the intimacy-vs. -isolation stage which is where you develop loving, sexual relationships and close friendships. If you don’t have good relationships, you tend to fear them and in turn become isolated. The third influencing factor they mention is individual characteristics and how a person’s own behavior can change the way they develop. This is something can be influencing on an adult and different ages of their life. For example, as chapter 8 states, the adolescence age is where you can experience the identity-vs. -role confusion where you learn who you are and what place you want to take in this world. Your characteristics can play a major deciding factor in this and how you react to pressure. You characteristics can also play a role in the ego-integrity-vs. -despair which doesn’t come until your older stages of adulthood. In this stage, you can either be happy with what you have accomplished or regret what you have not. Depending on your character, you can deal with this in certain ways. Referring back to this week’s readings for the social development in adulthood, the text book mentions some very influencing factors that affect an adult. Those were career, children, relationships, weight, and marriage. As you can see, these are very similar to the ones they mention in the article. The article shows several studies that were done that tested social competence and life satisfaction of young adults. Both of these relate to stages of an adult. This shows me that this article is valuable and has good information I could use if I were doing a research paper. Most of what they talk about is what was in this week’s reading, but in different words or terms. It took a lot of reading between the lines and cross referencing between our text book and this article to find the relations. It is a good source with a wide variety of information that has studies and facts that can be proven. There are some hypothesis studies in this article that I would be hesitant to use without stating first that is was only a hypothesis and not actual facts. Without doing so, this can misleading to the readers and can lead them to believe they are factual. There are also some number graphs that back up some of their studies which are hard to understand and most readers would have a hard time deciphering them. If I were doing a research paper, I would use more than just this paper so I had more than one reference to back up my facts and studies.

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Cloning Essays (437 words) - Cloning, Molecular Biology, Genetics

Cloning Cloning Today During my interview with my grandmother I asked her what she thought of cloning. she responded by saying that it was not right and should be stopped. on the other hand i have a different opinion. I think that cloning should be continued and furhter researched for we might be able to have different organs and substances produced in these clones. Below is the step that were taken to clone the adult sheep named Dolly. Part 1: An Improbable Goal Scientists hoped that cloning healthy, mature sheep, rather than just creating lambs from embryonic cells, could produce a highly specialized sheep with large quantities of proteins in its milk. The proteins are believed to help treat diseases such as emphysema, hemophylia and cystic fibrosis. Part 2: The Perfect Timing For years, scientists could not synchronize the growth of the egg and the cell. If one was off- synch, abnormal chromosomes would soon transform in the nucleus and thereby kill off the embryo. Dr. Wilmut achieved near perfection in the timing by putting the cells into hybernation; of the 277 eggs they began with, 247 lived through the process. Timing the growth in other species, however, has proved to scientists that cloning mature animals is extremely difficult; in the case of mice, they've concluded it can't be accomplished. Part 3: Jump-start from a Jolt Though it has become a standard procedure in cloning, scientists are not sure why an electric pulse sent to the two cells causes them to meld together and activates development in the egg. They are learning, however, the shock doesn't fully mimic the activation process of a sperm, which could explain why just 29 of the remaining 247 cells live longer than six days. Part 4: Surrogate Motherhood Despite the fact that the newly formed embryo is transplanted into the uterus of another ewe, scientists believe Dolly is a nearly exact carbon-copy of her genetic originating mother. In theory, that means an almost exact look-alike of John F. Kennedy Jr. could be produced by taking cells from his skin, melding their nuclei with any woman's egg that has had its nucleus removed and then planting the embryo in a surrogate mother. Part 5: A 6-Year-Old in 7 Months? Scientists are eagerly watching Dolly to see if she exhibits the characteristics of her mother, a 6-year-old sheep, or those of her own age, just 7 months. As animals and humans age, changes occur in their DNA - such as decreasing fertility and increasing susceptibility to cancer and other diseases. If she prematurely ages, clones of mature animals would be useless to the agriculture industry.

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richard essays

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cathedral by Raymond Carver - Research Paper Example Until the narrator realizes his own incapability to perceive, with Robert’s guidance, what a cathedral really is, he cannot understand about how the blind man, Robert, sustains an intimate relationship with his wife Beulah (also with the narrator’s wife). He further is blindfolded by outward appearance of things. Referring to Bub’s obsession with outer appearance, Teresa Alutto comments, â€Å"The narrator’s preoccupation with physical appearance is evident. Therefore, it is not surprising that he cannot understand Robert’s marriage, which was entirely based on the emotional and intellectual aspects of a relationship.† (2) Bub cannot understand that beauty or appreciation of beauty plays a very little role in a successful relationship. Neither can he delve deep into his wife’s mind to grow mutual understanding. The narrator, Bub expresses his confusion regarding Robert’s successful relationship with Beulah as following: â€Å"I found myself thinking what a pitiful life this woman must have led. Imagine a woman who could never see herself as she was seen in the eyes of her loved one†¦go on day after day and never receives the smallest compliment from her beloved.† (193) Bub is also aware of Robert’s closeness with the narrator’s wife. The irony of the narrator’s capability to see is that he neither tries to understand what he sees. He shows no effort to understand and explain his wife’s exasperation with him. He simply describes the mystery of Robert’s relationship with his wife in a disinterested manner. Robert takes it for granted that physical blindness is a type of obstacle in the way of close relationship. Therefore he wonders at the blind man’s ability to grow intimacy with others. In the second paragraph he comments on his wife’s disinterestedness in him, as following: â€Å"My wife finally took her eyes off the blind man and looked at me. I had the feeling she didnt like what she saw†